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Eye Color Change

Eye Color Change

Eye color change is one of the last period's most trendy cosmetic surgery procedures. This cosmetic surgery procedure can be applied with more than one method. However, only one of these is a reliable method with the least risk. After deciding whether you are a suitable candidate for eye color changing surgery, your eye color may be blue or green.

What Is Eye Color Change?

Eye color change is one of the procedures discussed in cosmetic surgery for a long time. Until recently developed new methods, it was known that such surgical procedures carried significant risks. However, thanks to the developing medical technology, changing eye color is no longer seen as a risky procedure as it used to be.

Eye color change has a success rate of almost 95% if applied correctly. This state-of-the-art method is used to turn brown eyes blue or green. We also apply our clinic's most reliable and successful eye color changimg method. If you wish, let's take a closer look at all the eye color-changing procedures in today's medical technology.


At the same time, let's share with you what you need to know about the most reliable technique we use in our clinic:

1- Eye Color Change Procedure Techniques

The eye color change process has long been considered one of the risky cosmetic surgery procedures. This is because some clinics still apply dangerous techniques. Three different methods are used within the scope of eye color change. Two of these methods involve significant risk. Here are the main techniques used in the eye color changing procedure:

  • One of the techniques applied for eye color change is colored lenses placed inside the eye. This technique is hazardous and can lead to blindness. Some clinics use this technique, which is not preferred much today. If you care about your eye health, you should not choose such clinics.
  • One of the methods applied within the scope of eye color change is injecting dye into the cornea. In this procedure, a laser opens a channel in the cornea. Dye is injected into the eye through the opened canal. This operation is a procedure involving severe risks. You should not prefer this procedure, which includes both a risky and an artificial image.
  • The most successful procedure applied within the scope of eye color change is the destruction of melanin in the iris layer. This procedure is the most successful cosmetic surgery recommended for people who want to change their eye color. We also apply eye color-changing procedures with this method in our clinic.

2- How is Eye Color Applied?

Today, we can quickly answer the question of an eye color changing. The laser eye color change technique makes it possible to turn your eye color to blue or green reliably and healthily. In this procedure, the brown melanin in the iris layer is destroyed. This way, the iris layer can evolve into blue or green color.

In this technique, no synthetic dye is injected into the eye. The original blue or green color, which is already in every eye structure, is revealed. The only difference between blue or green eyes and brown eyes is the layer of pigment. The pigment layer is thinner in blue-eyed people, who make up 17% of the world.

With eye color changing, we offer you a successful eye color changing operation in our clinic. With this procedure applied by specialist ophthalmologists, excess pigments in the iris layer are easily removed.

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3- Is Eye Color Change Procedure Reliable?

Rarest eye color change procedure can arouse curiosity in people because it is not a frequently applied technique. Many people may want to have blue or green eyes instead of brown eyes. The lack of reliability of the previously used methods in this regard can make people nervous. However, the technique we apply in our clinic is a technique that creates confidence in every aspect and does not adversely affect your health.

The eye color change procedure aims to change the color of your eyes without surgery. This situation is one of the most effective and reliable techniques ever applied in this field.

4- Who Can Be Suitable for the Eye Color Change Procedure?

Eye color change is a technique applied to healthy adults who are dissatisfied with their eye color. Of course, we will also need to do some medical tests in our clinic to see if you are suitable for this procedure. If the medical test results are positive, you can also benefit from this procedure. Otherwise, we do not recommend this treatment method to our patients who pose a risk.

Eye color change is applied to adults. Persons under the age of 18 are not suitable for such cosmetic surgery procedures. Of course, the person's general health status is also essential in such operations.

5- Why Should You Prefer Op. Dr. Hakan Yuzer?

Thanks to Surgeon Hakan Yuzer and his amazing experiences in the eye aesthetics field, you can take the best and safest procedure in Ankara, Turkey. The importance of Ankara as the capital city of Turkey is not only a safe but also a developed city. Therefore, you will take one of the best aesthetic services in the world.

Op. Dr. Hakan Yuzer educates thousands of doctors in Turkey and Europe every year. Thanks to his specialty in the field, his patients feel happier and healthier.


6- How Does the Procedure Work in Turkey? 

If you decided to take treatment from Hakan Yuzer, you should know that you are one of the luckiest people in the world. Because a positive and enjoyable treatment procedure waits for you. After arriving in Ankara, you will be met by a guide people group. Moreover, you don’t need to think about accommodation or travel procedures in Turkey. While yo are taking an excellent treatment, you can see the best places in Ankara and other important cities in Turkey. 

7- Eye Color Change Recovery Process

After eye color changing surgery, you do not expect a complicated recovery process. It is recommended that you try to stay away from the sun's harmful rays for a while only. After the procedure, your specialist will also give you the necessary advice and help you get through the healing process well. It is also possible to develop redness or edema around the eyes after the procedure. This situation is not something to be afraid of. If the complications bother you, it is recommended that you consult your doctor immediately.

8- Application Details About Eye Color Change Procedure

We share with you the details you need to know about eye color changing surgery. In this way, we also help you decide on the operation more comfortably:

  • Eye color change is a technique that allows peeling of the iris layer in a completely natural way.
  • The procedure can be applied in a short time. General anesthesia is not required during the process.
  • It may take several weeks for blue or green eyes to appear after the procedure. In other words, it is necessary to be patient and wait for a while after the operation.

9- Eye Color Change Turkey Costs

Eye color chang cost has a similar price list to other cosmetic iris implant surgery procedures. This method, which is a permanent laser procedure, is more affordable than procedures such as artificial iris implants. Moreover, eye color change in Turkey options are also budget-friendly compared to other countries.

10- Eye Color Change Clinic Near You

In eye color changing procedures, you will always need to benefit from clinics that provide quality health care. It would help if you didn't choose clinics that give you prices far below the market. Any mistake made in such procedures can have irreversible consequences. In our clinic, we offer services with both our experienced physicians and our well-equipped medical technology. You can also choose us for a quality health service.

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