Prosthetic Eye Surgery

Prosthetic eye surgery is a surgical procedure performed for aesthetic purposes because the eye loses its visual function. In this way, the prosthetic eye, which is precisely the same as the other eye, can be inserted without needing to remove the person's eye. Thanks to this treatment, which has been started to be applied in the light of medical developments, it is also possible for the patient to obtain a more aesthetic appearance. This surgery is one of our clinic's leading cosmetic surgery procedures.

What Is Prosthetic Eye Surgery?

Prosthetic eye surgery is one of the aesthetic solutions to problems such as irreversible vision loss. This procedure can also eliminate deformities in the eye area. This treatment, also known as an ocular prosthesis in the medical language, is a prosthesis that has the same physical characteristics as the other eye.

Especially this surgery is an effective treatment applied for many different reasons. This treatment is usually used for the following reasons:

  • Congenital vision loss
  • Post-traumatic vision loss
  • Formation of vision loss and deformities around the eyes

Thanks to this eye surgery , it will be possible for people to capture a more aesthetic image. This treatment has been used in eye surgery for a long time and is always open to improvement.

How Is Prosthetic Eye Surgery Performed?

Here, Information About Prosthetic Eye Surgery
Here, Information About Prosthetic Eye Surgery

In this treatment, also called bionic eye, the implanted eye is placed in the part of the eye that has lost its function. The implanted eye, produced with medical procedures, is in one-to-one harmony with the other eye. This artificial eye, which is not understood as a prosthesis, is also effortless to place.

Prosthetic eye surgery is a procedure that varies from person to person. Accordingly, the implanted eye should be made following the patient's eye structure. The implanted eye, prepared considering the patient's eye shape, is three-dimensional. The most crucial detail in such treatments is the natural stopping of the implant. In this regard, people who have medical knowledge help the patient.

Who Can Be Applied to Prosthetic Eye Surgery?

So, for whom is prosthetic eye surgery suitable?
So, for whom is prosthetic eye surgery suitable?

There is usually a specific age limit in treatments that require this type of aesthetic surgery. However, there is no age limit when it comes to prosthetic treatment. In other words, applying this treatment to people younger than 18 years old is possible. Of course, in this treatment, the patient must first pass some medical tests. We create a personalized treatment plan based on the results of the medical tests we perform in our clinic.

This treatment can be applied to healthy individuals who have vision loss and want to look more aesthetically pleasing. The implant placed in the eye is also produced from acrylic, silicone, or porous materials. In other words, this treatment can offer different solutions to the needs of the person.

After Prosthetic Eye Surgery

The prosthetic eye surgery recovery process is essential. There are some critical details that the patient should pay attention to after the surgery. Especially the patient can use a bandage for the first few days after surgery. It may take 6-8 weeks for full recovery to be observed.

After surgery, it is also normal to develop bruising or edema around the eyes. Such complications may disappear entirely after only a few days. Moreover, after the surgery, there will be no situations such as dislocation or falling off the implanted eye. On the other hand, the procedure's area must be kept clean.

Prosthetic Eye Costs

The prosthetic eye surgery price list may also differ according to each clinic and the experience of the specialist physician. However, it is always possible to encounter budget-friendly prices when it comes to prosthetic eye in Turkey options. Of course, the medical materials used are also factors that can affect the price. Therefore, you should not trust clinics that give you prices far below the market. Thanks to Op. Dr. Hakan Yuzer, you can experience a safe eye surgery process with befor and after periods. 

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