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Eye Color Change Surgery

Eye color change surgery is one of the interventions applied with different techniques. Color-changing methods used by risking human conditions in the past continue to be applied more reliably now. Thanks to medical science, eye color change surgery methods have reached diversity.

Eye color change surgery can be applied in different ways. In these methods, which we use to eliminate aesthetic concerns, it can be ensured that the brown eye is blue and green. Let's take a closer look at eye color change surgery techniques.

What is Eye Color Change Surgery?

Thanks to eye color change surgery procedures, an individual's eye color can change from brown to blue. In addition, these techniques can also create the hazel color of the brown eye. On the other hand, eye color changes are now being applied with more reliable methods. Since old methods put your health at risk and have a meager success rate.

Eye color change procedures are one of Hakan Yuzer's specialties. In this way, you can also benefit from the eye color-changing procedures we apply in our clinic. Thus, you can eliminate your aesthetic concerns by having blue eyes.

Is Eye Color Change Surgery Safe?

First of all, it is often stated whether this procedure is reliable. This is because the techniques applied in the past negatively affected human health. However, in today’s medical technology, this situation has completely changed. Finally, discussing a more effective and reliable eye color-changing method is possible.

Eye Color Change Surgery Techniques

About Eye Color Change Procedure Techniques
About Eye Color Change Procedure Techniques

Eye color change surgery techniques can be applied in three different ways. The first is the temporary change of eye color with the contact lens method. Secondly, the laser intervention method can be used. Finally, the risk-free of removing melanin in the iris can be preferred.

1- Eye Color Change Contact Lenses

Eye color change contacts lead the way among non-permanent color change options. It is possible to have the desired eye color for a while by using colored contact lenses. However, when applying this method, it is essential to undergo a specialist examination.

You should also remove the contact lens daily and keep it in its particular solution. Otherwise, your eyes may become infected due to the use of lenses.

2- Laser for Eye Color Change

How is Eye Color Change Applied
How is Eye Color Change Applied

Eye color changes laser is one of the risky methods applied for color change. In the eye color change with a laser, dye is injected into the cornea by opening a channel with a laser. Nonetheless, this method can cause significant damage to the eye structure. This technique, applied with a laser, also presents an artificial color appearance.

3- Risk-Free and Non-Surgical Eye Color Change Method

To apply this method, a specialist physician should select the appropriate patient with preliminary examinations. This method can change the color by destroying the melanin in the colored iris layer of the eye with a laser, and eye color change is applied without surgery in this method.

This technique is a permanent method with the lowest risk rate; even so, selecting the appropriate patient for the procedure to be successful is essential. Since if applied to proper patients, the success rate of this method is 95%.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eye Color Change Procedure

About Eye Color Change
About Eye Color Change

Can Eye Color Naturally Change?

Unfortunately, eye color can't change naturally, though it is possible to change eye color as a result of some medical interventions. For example, babies' eye color can vary a few months after birth. Nevertheless, the eye color of adults with brown eyes can be altered by laser.

Can Your Eyes Change Color?

If you have hazel eye color, your eye color may change in the sun. However, eye color does vary due to entirely natural reasons. This condition can only be seen in infancy. For instance, a baby with blue eyes at birth may turn brown a few months later. For adults, this is only possible with the eye color change procedure.

Can Brown Eyes Turn Blue?

When the eye color change procedure is applied, the eye color may turn from brown to blue. However, eye color changes only apply to people with brown eyes. Thanks to medical techniques, the eye color of our patients can turn blue.

What Causes Eye Color to Change in Adults?

Generally we know that eye color change in babies is not seen in adults. Adults who want to change their eye color prefer methods applied with medical techniques. It is also possible to change eye color using contact lenses. However, we recommend laser applied for our patients who demand permanent eye color change.

Can You Cyour Change Eye Color Permanently?

It is medically possible to change eye color permanently. Solutions such as contact lenses can only offer temporary eye color changes. However, the eye color can be changed from brown to blue thanks to the new techniques. This eye color change procedure is a solution that is both reliable and quality.

Is It Possible to Change Eye Color Without Surgery?

The eye color change procedure is a non-surgical technique that can be applied quickly. Also, there isn't a need for any incision in the eye in these techniques, which are used by laser. Therefore, these techniques are treatments with a low risk of infection.

How to Make Eye Color Change with Laser and Why Should I Prefer Eye Color Change Operation, you can read about the topics.

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