Agnes Jawline and Agnes Double Chin

Agnes jawline is a method that eliminates aesthetic concerns in the jaw area without any surgical operation. And Agnes RF technique, which draws attention among non-surgical procedures, is among the most critical developments created by medical technology. This technique, which is applied quickly and gives effective results, is one of the treatments we use in our clinic.

Thanks to Agnes double chin and jawline techniques, aesthetic concerns in the face area are eliminated. Our patients can have both a younger and more aesthetic facial structure.

What Is Agnes Jawline?

So, what Is Agnes Jawline?
So, what Is Agnes Jawline?

The technique called Agnes jawline surgery is not a surgical method. This treatment, which is applied with Agnes RF, aims to purify the chin area of excess fat tissues. In this way, sagging of the chin and double chin areas will be prevented.

Radio frequencies are used in this treatment, which is applied with the Agnes RF technique. The treatment involved with special medical equipment has also become popular with its effect in a short time. It is possible to apply the Agnes RF method both on the chin and around the eyes. In our clinic, we can apply methods such as Agnes eye bag treatment and areas such as jawline and double chin.

What Is Agnes Double Chin?

So, what Is Agnes Double Chin
So, what Is Agnes Double Chin

Just like the Agnes jawline technique, the double chin technique is among the most popular aesthetic applications of the last period. In the treatment applied to the lower part of the chin, one of the goals is to dissolve the excess fat tissues. Thanks to Agnes RF, the double chin appearance is also significantly eliminated.

Human skin tissue has a feature that can succumb to gravity and wrinkle and sag with signs of aging. Therefore, it is normal to see skin tissue sagging in the chin area. However, thanks to the critical steps taken in the field of aesthetics, it has been seen that such aesthetic concerns have been eliminated in a short time. Agnes double chin technique is also one of the most effective treatments that relieve the person’s aesthetic concerns.

How to Apply Agnes Jawline and Double Chin?

Double chin treatment with Agnes jawline technique is a sensitive intervention that experts must apply. Agnes RF, one of Hakan Yüzer's areas of expertise, is one of the aesthetic procedures we frequently apply in our clinic. It is also essential for our patients who use our clinic to undergo a preliminary examination before starting the treatment. As a result of the initial examination, if our patient is suitable for Agnes RF, we prepare a personalized treatment plan.

We do not perform any surgical intervention in the treatment of Agnes. And we ensure that the jaw area has a more aesthetic appearance than before without making any incisions. We intervene in the chin and double chin areas with an apparatus containing special needles and radio frequency. All these procedures we apply take an average of 30-40 minutes.

Before applying Agnes RF to the chin area, we apply creams with anesthetic properties. There is no need to apply general or local anesthesia for Agnes, a non-surgical treatment. Anesthetic creams are sufficient to prevent the feeling of pain.

Considerations After Agnes Jawline and Agnes Double Chin

After Agnes Jawline and Agnes Double Chin
After Agnes Jawline and Agnes Double Chin

There are no negative comments among Agnes RF reviews. Our patients can continue their daily lives immediately after such aesthetic interventions. Redness and swelling may occur for a few days only in the chin area where the procedure was performed. These effects are completely temporary and disappear after a few days of treatment.

In our clinic, we tell our patients with Agnes RF treatment that they should not be in environments such as a steam bath or sauna for the first seven days. In addition, we also emphasize that cleaning and care products with chemical content should not be used on the chin area during the first week.

Are Agnes Jawline and Agnes Double Chin Permanent?

Agnes jawline and double chin procedures are among the most effective methods of the last period. However, as in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, it is impossible to talk about life-long permanence in this technique. As we have mentioned before, human skin has a constantly developing and changing texture. Therefore, it is possible to encounter situations such as skin sagging in the chin area in the future.

However, it should be known that the duration of the treatment after Agnes RF is quite long. Depending on the patient's anatomical structure, the procedure's effect may take 3-5 years. Even our patients can apply to our clinic for Agness RF treatment again if needed.

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