Agnes Eye Bag Removal

Agnes Eye Bag Removal

Agnes eye bag removal is one of the most innovative methods to eliminate deformations in the under-eye area. There is no surgical procedure in this technique, which we apply especially to our patients who are afraid of surgery. This technique, also known as Agnes treatment, is one of the most effective solutions for bruising or color changes around the eyes.

Thanks to the Agnes eye bag removal technique that we apply in our clinic, the aesthetic concerns of our patients are eliminated. Thus, our patients can feel better and prevent physiological problems around the eyes.

Why Do Under-Eye Bags Occur?

Before going into details about Agnes eye bag removal, it is helpful to know what causes under-eye bags to occur. Among the reasons for the formation of under-eye bags, factors due to genetics and lifestyle take the lead. Unfortunately, we can't avoid insomnia and stress as people in the modern world. Such situations can also cause deformation around the eyes in the first place.

Conditions such as irregular and unhealthy diet, alcohol and cigarette addiction, and aging are the leading causes of under-eye bags. In addition to all these, allergic reactions affecting the eye area can also cause the formation of under-eye bags.

Stages of Under-Eye Bags

Agnes Eye bag removal treatment is applied to eliminate three different under-eye bags. These deformations under the eyes are generally divided into three groups:

  • Type 1: Fat accumulation that occurs vaguely in the lower part of the eye
  • Type 2: Half-moon swellings that can be noticed in the lower part of the eye
  • Type 3: Swelling, bruising and color changes that occur prominently in the eyes

It is possible to apply Agnes eye bag treatment in all three types. We prefer to use non surgical Agnes RF treatment to relieve the aesthetic concerns of our patients who apply to our clinic.

What Is Agnes Eye Bag Removal?

So, What Is Agnes Eye Bag Removal?
So, What Is Agnes Eye Bag Removal?

Agnes RF for eyes is a medical technology that eliminates under-eye bags or other deformations with radiofrequency energy. This treatment, applied without surgical intervention, ensures that undesirable conditions such as surgical scars are not experienced.

We also actively apply this treatment, which must be applied by specialist physicians, such as Hakan Yüzer, in our clinic. Thanks to Agnes eye bag removal, we can significantly eliminate deformations under and around the eyes. We also prevent our patients from feeling any pain during the operation.

How to Apply Agnes Eye Bag Removal?

So, How to Apply Agnes Eye Bag Removal?
So, How to Apply Agnes Eye Bag Removal?

The area around the eyes has a sensitive structure and medical applications to this area should be done with care. Therefore, Agnes RF needs to consult physicians in this field. Hakan Yüzer, as a physician who has gained expertise in this field for many years, can also successfully apply the Agnes RF method.

Our patients who apply to our clinic, expressing that they are uncomfortable with bags under the eyes, can achieve a more aesthetic appearance thanks to Agnes RF technique. We first pass a preliminary examination of our patients who apply to our clinic and decide whether they are suitable for the operation. If our patients are suitable for Agnes RF, we devise a personalized treatment plan.

At the beginning of the treatment, we first apply creams with anesthetic properties to the under-eye area, so our patient does not feel pain. We do not use general or local anesthesia techniques while performing non-surgical procedures.

While applying the Agnes eye bag removal treatment, we use tiny needles, which are medical equipment and contain radiofrequency. Thanks to these needles at the end of the radiofrequency device, we can eliminate the bags formed in the under-eye area. In this session, which lasts for 30-40 minutes on average, we ensure the patient's comfort to the greatest extent.

Considerations After Agnes Eye Bag Removal

After Eye Bag Removal
After Eye Bag Removal

There is no harm in returning our patients to their daily lives immediately after the treatment. Only redness or mild swelling around the eyes for a few days is likely. The redness and swelling after the session will completely disappear within a few days.

Our patients should not use face masks or other chemical cleaning and care products for at least one week after the treatment. In addition, it is also important not to enter environments such as steam baths or saunas during the first seven days.

Is Agnes RF Treatment Permanent?

The success rate of Agnes RF technique is relatively high. However, it is impossible to talk about 100% permanence in surgical and non-surgical procedures. Human skin tissue has a structure that is constantly developing and changing. Therefore, no matter what aesthetic approach is applied, preventing this development and change will not be possible.

On the other hand, Agnes eye bag removal technique has a long-lasting effect depending on the patient's anatomical structure. The duration of the treatment can vary between 3-5 years. It is even possible to apply a session again with the loss of the effect of the treatment.

Agnes RF treatment is applicable in aesthetic procedures such as Agnes jawline or double chin and eye bag removal tasks. Thanks to Agnes RF, it can eliminate aesthetic concerns in the face area without surgery.

In addition, there is information about our Agnes Jawline and Eye Color Change treatments on our site.

At the same time, in addition to all these; You can also watch my videos about my eye diseases treatments on my YouTube channel here.

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